Welcome to my newsletter! As a neurofeedback practitioner, I’ve had the privilege of treating people from ages 7 – 78, helping them gain relief from a variety of conditions and enjoy a greatly improved quality of life. The innate adaptability of the human brain – it’s neuroplasticity—means it can heal itself from many illnesses, conditions or injuries. It simply needs assistance and this is what neurofeedback provides. Neurofeedback helps the brain create new neuronal connections, forging new patterns and habits. Remarkably, enhances the brain and nervous system’s natural bias toward self-regulation.

I chose neurofeedback as a healing profession because it is the most effective and affordable treatment available for a variety of psychological, cognitive and neurological conditions. It’s also becoming a leading treatment for concussions and traumatic brain injuries. Neurofeedback has helped my child a great deal, and I too am benefiting from neurofeedback (…but more about that another time).

Another aspect of my work is educating medical doctors and psychotherapists. I share with them the latest research about how neurofeedback works and why it is so effective. In use for over 30 years, neurofeedback is finally gaining wide recognition. This is due in large part because it’s non-invasive, gentle and so safe it can be used with infants! Its unprecedented efficacy and evidence-based credibility are compelling clinicians and patients to seek it out as a viable alternative or addendum to medication.

I’m super excited to share this work with you. I feel fortunate that I get to study the brain on a daily basis while helping people in meaningful, long-lasting ways. Each individual with whom I work teaches me something about our breathtaking brain, infinite mind and our shared humanity.