“I brought my 15 year old daughter to see Susan for neurofeedback and I’m so glad I did. Susan is calm and compassionate, and she explains things very clearly. I heard that it could be helpful for anxiety and depression. The pressures of school used to be too much for my daughter, but since doing neurofeedback, she’s more resilient, more relaxed and focused, she sleeps better and is much happier in general. I cannot recommend Smiley Neurofeedback highly enough!”
Celeste T., mother of Lily, age 15
“Sullivan is a precocious and sharp, but he also has clinically severe ADHD. He can’t focus on tests and appears like he just doesn’t care. He’s all over the place and disruptive in class, though he doesn’t mean to be. I think his brain is on overload and he’s not processing information like other kids. During the course of neurofeedback with Susan, we noticed he was getting homework done without prodding and teachers reported that he fidgeted less and focused and performed better on tests. His grades have improved a lot! We feel much more confident that his grades will now reflect his intelligence.”
Karen, mother of Sullivan, age 9
“Since working with Susan, my crippling anxiety has decreased so much I no longer take medication for it. I’m generally calmer, happier and more fun to be around. I’m sleeping better than ever and more myself than ever.”
Elizabeth L, 45 yrs.
“After my bike accident when I was hit by a car and my leg was shattered, I had nightmares reliving the incident. I was highly irritable and frightened all the time. Neurofeedback was remarkable for my recovery. The PTSD I was experiencing was resolved and I was back to myself and sleeping soundly.”
David, 68 yrs.
“Having experienced a traumatic brain injury in June 2016, I spent over a week in ICU, and 3 months in a hospital brain clinic. I couldn’t walk for more than a month and lost my memory for a month. Once much of my cognitive functioning was restored, I still had some issues: anxiety, depression, and numbness of my leg and foot. Worst of all was a sense of separation from self – as though someone else (other than me) was now occupying my body. I was looking for anything that might help. Susan’s calm professionalism was a welcome change for me and I got good results very quickly. After only a couple of IASIS Microcurrent treatments my energy, sleep and ability to focus were greatly improved. After about 5 sessions my anxiety, depression and sense of separation from self had greatly improved. After about 10 sessions my reactivity to negative stimuli had greatly decreased. I was much more able to quickly rebound from triggers. Now I feel almost as though I was never injured – even the numbness in my leg and foot are nearly gone. I feel especially fortunate, since I was able to avoid medications for my depression and anxiety, that my brain has been restored to pre-injury levels. I can’t help but think of all the other patients in the brain clinic who could also be helped by IASIS MCN. At 62, I see that living life exposes us to traumatic effects, large or small, and our brains resort to dysfunctional ways of helping us survive. Now I can say from personal experience that those dysfunctions can be repaired – this is what Susan Smiley and MCN have done for me.”
Barry, 62 yrs
“We took our daughter to Susan at the suggestion of her psychotherapist. We adopted her from China when she was 18 months old. She was a pretty normal kid, but when puberty set in there was a dramatic change that seemed more severe than your average teenager. She became sullen and angry, she retreated and stopped taking care of herself. She became detached from us, her friends and her schoolwork. We were very worried. By about 10 sessions, we have noted a significant shift. Our daughter is coming out of her shell. Her guard has come down, she’s lighter, more joyful and engaged. And she’s giving me spontaneous hugs again! I’m so grateful for Susan’s work and compassionate disposition.”
Sally M., mother of Abby, 16 yrs.
Neurofeedback is one of the most effective treatments for children and adults who have experienced early attachment separation/loss, maltreatment, and/or traumatic incidents. And Susan is a masterful practitioner. It helps to rewire “stubborn” early life templates in the mind that continue to re-enact memories as if they were happening today. This rewiring lays a new template of safety, belonging, and connection in the world. Neurofeedback is life-changing for many individuals, doing what other therapies would take years to do. I cannot recommend Susan’s work highly enough.”
Jeanette Yoffe, MFT Psychotherapist, Expert in the field of Adoption and Foster Care
“Working with Susan has been a pleasure. I consider her to be a competent scientist and compassionate practitioner. I attended one of her information sessions and knew I would benefit from treatment. I have a history of developmental trauma that left my nervous system very disregulated. I had chronic nightmares, an intense startle reaction, irritability and reactivity. Neurofeedback greatly improved all these symptoms. In the beginning I wasn’t sure I was getting better but I stuck with it. I haven’t had a nightmare in several months and I am now much less easily triggered by things that used to irritate me. I had been in therapy before neurofeedback, which was helpful but I knew there were some issues that talking just can’t resolve. I highly recommend neurofeedback with Susan. She was able to explain how the process was working along the way and checked in with me regularly to assess my progress.”
Sarah C, 47 yrs.