Did you know that about 75% of medical visits are in some way related to stress? Anxiety is usually a person’s response to stress, which can come from psychological, physical, or environmental sources, like a lousy work or school situation. Stress then manifests as further psychological or physical ailments.

Anxiety is the most common emotional problem in children. Children can develop crippling worries about many things, from germs to their parents dying. Some anxious kids are painfully shy while others develop phobias or nervous tics. Test anxiety, tough transitions, effects of social media and social anxiety can seriously compromise grades and undermine self-esteem.

Most of us have experienced the type of stress that sends us into heart-pounding, tightly wound, angry states or panic. It’s awful. Once a person’s brain gets locked into a pattern of anxiety, it can be difficult to break that pattern. Neurofeedback is a proven way that helps people learn to change their responses to stress. It is highly effective and one of the quickest, most efficient ways to lower stress and anxiety. It calms the brain and facilitates awareness as it reinforces the brains’ healthy patterns.

Anxiety sufferers often feel overwhelmed, exhausted and unable to concentrate. Others obsess, worry or ruminate excessively. There may be a nagging sense of fear, restlessness, overly emotional responses, negative thinking, catastrophizing and defensiveness. Anxiety is usually present in cases of addiction, perfectionism, being overly controlling and other behavioral issues. For many, the brain never quiets down and the constant internal chatter can interrupt sleep and basic quality of life.

Anxiety is the #1 condition treated by neurofeedback practitioners and it’s backed by proven clinical results and a good deal of research. Unlike medication, its effects are lasting because the brain learns healthier patterns. With neurofeedback, anxiety responses diminish and a calmer brain stays more in control. Now that’s improved quality of life!

Yours in good health,