QEEG brain mapping allows brain activity to be seen and measured and helps us to understand underlying causes of behavior. We record brainwave activity and this reveals information about how areas of the brain communicate and about connectivity between different areas of the brain. We learn about cerebral strengths and weaknesses, providing the most useful information for evaluating psychological and behavioral processes.

We capture the electrical signals at 19 sites on your head, assess your brainwave activity for 55 brain areas, 7 cortical networks and over 1400 connections between and within cortico-limbic networks. This gives us a clear picture of your individual brain function. We identify healthy networks and unhealthy ones – those that are overactive, underactive, or unstable. Your unique neurofeedback protocol plan will focus on those networks and areas most responsible for dysregulated behavior.

Additionally, we determine how well different areas of your brain are integrated. We evaluate where your limbic system – the first part of your brain to develop – is integrated with the advanced neocortex – the last part of your brain to develop. Our highly advanced brain maps evaluate how well your brain transfers information across major cortical regions, and the protocol sequence is determined in a developmentally neuro-sequential manner.

We evaluate the maturity of each brain area including your executive functions system in the frontal lobes which is involved in decision-making, planning, flexibility, impulse control and judgment. Our neuromaps were developed by Dr. David Kaiser, one of the leading qEEG analysts in the world. Uniquely, they identify the presence of more than 20 neuromarkers including attention and focus, memory, verbal and emotional stress, trauma, anxiety and attachment issues.  We are very proud to work with the Kaiser Neuromap, as they are quite simply superior, produced with remarkable resolution and unsurpassed accuracy .