Those with ADD (inattentive type) or ADHD (hyperactivity) have difficulty with self-regulation. This impacts their ability to focus, concentrate and control impulses.  It isn’t that they can’t ever focus, rather they hyper-focus on areas of interest but are unable to focus on so-called “boring” activities.  

Other symptoms can include distractability, difficulty controlling emotions, difficulty managing frustration, hyperactivity, friendship and relationship difficulties, as well as problems with working memory, time management, organization, planning ahead and other executive functioning tasks. ADHD starts in childhood and persists throughout life. It’s a neurodevelopmental delay, in which many children with ADD or ADHD lag behind their peers by 2-3 years in cognitive development.

Neurofeedback training is a holistic and non-medication intervention for ADHD. It teaches the brain self-regulation, something people with ADHD lack. It also helps the central nervous system (CNS) to calm down so one can more readily and productively engage with others or on tasks. For those with ADHD, their nervous system is often easily under stimulated or overstimulated. Neurofeedback calms the CNS, producing subtle yet noticeable changes in the brain and body leading to auto self-regulation.

Research on Neurofeedback & ADD/ADHD: